Trail Conditions

January 23, 2021 -9º

Yesterday Bobby tramped/groomed the Newcastle trails for the most part and Ron and Dave tramped/groomed the Douglastown trails except 515 to Fins, next we will try for Sunny Corner. At the moment we have an issue with the 2009 BR180 throwing a code that we need to get taken care of, which isn’t easy in these Covid times. We will be putting the cutter back on the 2017 and cutting some of 52 North and a few spots around town. Trail 52 North for those who want to get out, it is (as our friend to the north likes to say) doable, some parts are excellent and some parts are hazardous, so if you don’t mind branches hitting your sled and a few water holes to get around you’re good to go, otherwise, wait for more snow or trailer to the north, where the conditions are great. Get out and try to enjoy your trails. Be Safe, Be Kind.