Trail Conditions

March 4th, 2022 -11º

All these little storms are helping to get the trails back in good shape. Last night Allain groomed all Southside trails, he plowed the biggest drifts of the season at the Airport fence on trail 21, kinda late but we will take it, 52 North & South, 21 to Black River, 510 and 511. Dave had the 2017 Husky yesterday and he groomed 517 to 514 and then up 514 to Portage River, then doubled back and picked up 529, 527 and 525. Adam had the 2009 BR180 and groomed 52 North to 512 and out to 515 and picked up 523, 522 and 521 on his way back. Trails should be great now so, Get Out and Enjoy Your Trails.