Trail Conditions

March 4th, 2021 -10º

Meeting Tonight 7:00 pm, Beaverbrook Kin Center. All three machine have been hard at the trails, yesterday Allain finally got up and running, thanks to Brendan Manderson of Manderson Mechanical for the great service, it’s patched up for now but it appears we have some gremlins in the wiring harness, when things calm down we will have a maintenance day to fix the issue, he finished tramping then hooked the drag on and groomed 21 to Black River, 510 and 511, he reported the trails were setting up good last night. Dave had the 2017 Husky and tramped 52 North to headpond and back, then Adam (and I think Laura went along for the ride) with the drag attached repeated this run. The 2009 tramped 517 to the Moose Barn and back yesterday. The machines will be going non-stop til we get things to our liking. Get Out and Enjoy Your Trails. Be Safe, Be Kind.