Trail Conditions

February 2, 2022 -22º

Yesterday the operators were busy getting things in shape before the mild weather and then more snow. Adam had the 2009 BR180 and groomed 52 and 42 South to the bridges as well as 529, 525 and 527. Kyle had the 2017 Husky and groomed 517 to Sunny Corner and Allain had the 2001 BR180 and groomed 21 to Black River and then to intersection of 52 and did both North (to Miramchi Bridge) and South (to Barnaby River). Hopefully, we don’t get too much rain, I think our base should withstand a bit of moisture. We now have over 400 hours logged on the 3 groomers, great job by our operators, keep up the great work. Get Out and Enjoy Your Trails.