Trail Conditions

February 12, 2021 -9º

Keep those cold nights coming, it might help the trails hold up til April. Last night Allain groomed all Southside trails 510, 511, 21 North and South, and 52 North and South, things turned out great except for the clown on the 4 wheeler, apparently he owns a sled as well, ya just can’t fix STUPID, please stay off the trails with your bikes, we only have the trails for 4 months that means you get 8 months to use them, please have some respect for the folks that put in all the time and effort to make a great trail. Yesterday the 2009 groomed all Newcastle trails and then headed in for maintenance. Hopefully by this afternoon the 2017 Husky will be repaired and ready to go. Don’t forget about your lottery tickets, the deadline is Monday the 15th of February, they can be handed in at any Kingston’s Petro-Can, Carroll’s Bakery and Ed’s Subs, please make every effort to sell or buy these tickets, your trails depend on this fundraiser. Get Out and Enjoy Your Trails. Be Safe, Be Kind.