Trail Conditions

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 -º

So, not a great day for the club, we have two machines down. Allain was out grooming the southside trails he finished up the Barnaby side and was on his way to the Black River when a hydraulic line busted, unfortunately this is a very specific hose that we have to get from the dealer, so it may be a few days before that machine is up and running again but first we have to try and retrieve the groomer. On the north side the 2009 BR180 has major track problems and we have to get the tracks off and find a place to fix the problem, tracks are about 40 feet long when laid out, so we need a long building for a few days. Good news all the trimming is now finished and we will put the blade back on the Husky and probably run it 24/7 for the next little while. THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO SELL ALL THE TICKETS FOR OUR FUNDRAISER, SO PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR CLUB AND BUY A TICKET, WE NEED YOU AS MUCH AS YOU NEED US!!!! We have 250 hours logged already this year, 3100 litres of diesel.