Trail Conditions

January 20, 2022 -10º

Well folks people sure are good to us here on the Miramichi, Patterson Sales & Service rescued the 2001 BR180 yesterday and allowed us to put it in their garage to do the repairs, hopefully we will have a better timeline after today when he will be back up and running. Thanks to North Shore Construction for allowing us to use their forklift to take the cutter off the Husky and to HighTech Industries for offering their large garage to work on the tracks from the 2009 BR180, sure is nice to see people offer help when we need it, great community snowmobilers are!!! Hopefully Go Hydraulics will have the fittings we need to make new hoses for the 2001 BR180, it will save a few days for sure. The Husky will be running nonstop for the next few days. Get Out and Enjoy YOUR trails.