Trail Conditions

We Survived!!!!

It sure looks like we survived the meltdown, we lost much of our snow but hoping we still have a base. We will wait for things to freeze up which will take a few days. If you happen to go out please let us know what the conditions are like.
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Foggy Morning

Our snow survived overnight, hopefully it will survive the next 12 hours. We received a call from a Mr. Walsh that the trail to Loggieville has been cleaned out and they also did the section of trail by the chlorination plant in the Chatham Industrial Park and the Energizer Bunny...
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Hopefully We Will Survive The Meltdown

Yesterday I went for a run on 52 North to check things out and the trail is good to the Morris Road, the new section up to the new shelter is very rough but from the new shelter to Nepisiguit is great. I stopped at the Barren shelter on my...
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Caution Alert

Yesterday Alan groomed to the Rodd and attempted to go to Loggieville but the trail was brushed in so he turned around, we will not be grooming this trail until it is cleaned up, so if you use this trail please take the time to clean this problem up and...
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Making Headway

Yesterday Alan started out doing to the Rodd and Loggieville but the blade on the Lamtrac broke so he had to limp back to Northeast Machine Works, we are so lucky to have businesses like this available, they took us right in and got things fixed up, great job. On...
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Nice Little Storm

This little storm will certainly help with the base, as we need a bit more to make thing passable. A reminder to all that we are waiting for a bridge to get fixed in Napan and a woods operation to finish before we can go to Black River. We will...
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Picking Away.

Yesterday Ron tramped 515 to 521 out to Kingston's Petro Can and back, then  went on 52 South to the junction of 42 and then out to the river crossing at the Anderson Bridge, these trails are now ready for a drag. We will wait out this storm and then...
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Great Start To The Grooming Season

Yesterday the two BR180's made it to the headpond and back on 52 North without any issues, I don't even think they got a cleat wet. Everything seem to be frozen solid, so this is definitely a welcomed surprise as most of us thought it would be a wet mess....
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