March 17, 2021 -15º

This might have been our last very cold night of the season, long term looks mild for most of the next 7 days. Yesterday the 2017 Husky and the 2009 BR180 had a double shift of operators and groomed 52 North to the Headpond and 514 to 517 and back to North Shore. The Southside will be groomed today at some point, we just had one more thing to finish on the 2001 BR180 this morning and with any luck, it will all go well. Saw a good comment on NB Sledders, “if we all drove on our own side of the trail, the trail would last twice as long” makes good sense, just wondering how would we be able to make this happen!!! Get Out and Enjoy Your Trails. Be Safe. Be Kind.

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Trail Conditions and News

April 15th, 2022

Well folks this is the last official day of the snowmobile season and Club #7 would like to thank the many many sponsors and volunteers that made this season happen. From the local business to the operators and many individual volunteers, without you, we don’t have a trails system for all to enjoy. It was… Continue Reading

April 1st, 2022 2º

Not a very nice April Fools Joke if you ask me. Allain has decided the Southside trails are done for the year, too much mud around, great call Allain, thanks for the super year. The snow sure is disappearing rapidly, we will have to see what the damage is after the rain tonight. Get Out… Continue Reading

March 31, 2022 -1º

Another trip to the headpond last night with Mike aboard, hopefully things stay flat until this mild spell passes. Looks like the first of next week the weather will be again favourable for night grooming, will have to wait and see. Get Out and Enjoy Your Trails. Continue Reading

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