Trail Conditions

February 24th, 2021 -1º

Yesterday we started all over again, the 2009 BR180 hasn’t shut off for a few days now, he groomed 517 to Moose Barn and is now on its way back to North Shore. The 2017 Husky is back on the trail and groomed all local northside trails. With the warm temps today we will have to wait for cooler weather to continue grooming. Last night Allain groomed all Southside trails, we had a broken piston on the drag about 7:30 last night, this wasn’t going to stop Allain, so we got on the phone and by 8:30 he was back on the trail thanks to Gary who welded it back together at his shop, (Gary was out plowing since 5am) what a great bunch of folks we have in this club. Be patient we will get all trails groomed, just have to wait out the warm daytime temps. We would also like to send a thank you out to Sunny Corner Enterprises for coming in on Sunday to help with hydraulic parts, yes it’s a service they offer, but someone still has to do it and they are a great supporter of the club. Get Out and Enjoy Your Trails. Be Safe, Be Kind.