February 19, 2021 -19º

Love these cold nights, the trails would have set up nicely for a cruise this morning. Yesterday the 2001 BR180 part came in and it is now up and running, we had the oil changed while it was in the shop and diagnosed another nagging problem, also Allain changed three grouser bars while it was in a warm shop, it was floated back home, then Allain and Matt hopped in and groomed all Southside trails, so if you see Allain thank him for the very long day he put in for you to enjoy the trails. Also yesterday the 2009 BR180 groomed 517 to the Moose Barn and is currently on its way home to North Shore. Adam had the 2017 Husky and groomed 52 North to the headpond, so all trails in our system should be prime for the weekend, a big thank you to all involved. Gary was out fixing some signage locally yesterday, signage seems to be a never-ending job. We would also like to once again thank the sponsors for our lottery draw, JT All Season Motorsports, Fernrob Carwash and Pressure Cleaning Systems, Kingston’s Fuels and Roussel Toyota, please make every effort to support the businesses that support your sport. Get Out and Enjoy Your Trails. Be Safe, Be Kind.

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Trail Conditions and News

January 25th, 2022 -18º

Okay folks we only have 5 days left until our fundraiser draw and we need to sell over 100 more tickets in order for this to be a success. They are available at JT All Season Sports, Rae’s Trailer & Sports, Petro Canada locations in Miramichi, Carroll’s Bakery, PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO SUPPORT OUR… Continue Reading

January 23, 2022 -15º

The winner of our Like and Share Contest is Tanya Hubbard-Matchett, congratulations, please send a message or call 622-1114 and we will get you your ticket. Allain was on the trail last night he started at around 5:00 pm and shut her down at 4:00 am, our operators are a dedicated bunch, THANK YOU, all… Continue Reading

January 23, 2022 -20º

This is the final week to buy a ticket on our fundraiser draw, please make every effort to support YOUR CLUB, because your club makes every effort to support YOUR TRAILS!!! Continue Reading

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