Trail Conditions

March 17, 2022 +1º

Last night Allain groomed most of Southside trails, 52 North and South, 21 to Black River, he didn’t get to 510 & 511 as he had a broken grouser bar and it was 5:00 am, after being up all day, so ya can’t blame a guy for waiting til daylight to fix the problem, also the trails down that way are in good shape. Also last night Mike groomed 512, 515 and to the pit on 521. The 2009 Br180 was on its way back to North Shore from Moose Barn and got off the trail in the soft stuff and needs to be rescued, which is underway at post, the pitfalls of grooming this time of year. So we have some mild weather for the next few days, we will keep an eye on the weather and groom when we can, the weather is not in our favour going forward. Get Out and Enjoy Your Trails.