Trail Conditions

March 10th, 2021 -10º

Yesterday Allain had the 2009 BR180 floated to the Southside and proceeded to groom all the trails 510, 511, 21, 52 North & South, next time you see Allain make sure you thank him for the great trails, he puts a lot of effort into making it happen. The 2017 Husky was busy as well grooming all Northside local trails as well as 517 to Sunny Corner, we are trying to get all trails flat before we get the forecasted warm weather and we just have a few more to get to. Just a friendly reminder to keep the speeds down, yes we have some nice straight stretches, but ya never know when an animal or a bump in the trail might catch you off guard, please be careful. Get Out and Enjoy Your Trails. Be Safe. Be Kind.