Trail Conditions

Friday, February 14, 2020 -18º

Happy Valentine’s Day all you snowmobile lovers!!!! Now that I have your attention, “RIDE ON YOUR SIDE OF THE TRAIL” there are two issues that come to mind with this statement, number one is your and fellow snowmobilers safety, it just amazes me how many people cut the inside of a corner you can’t see around, if you don’t care for your own safety at least think of the other person you may injure and secondly if everyone stayed on their side of the trail, the trails would stay in good shape twice as long, so next time you complain about rough trails ask yourself the question “Do I ride on my side” if not (which is the majority) maybe you share some of the blame for that rough trail, “RIDE ON THE RIGHT SIDE”. Yesterday Kyle groomed 512, 515, 520, 521, 522, 523 all Douglastown trails, then Father John hopped in and groomed 52 South to Miramichi Bridge then 42 South to Anderson Bridge plus 529 and 525, then he ventured up 517 to as far as Cory Tucker shelter. Yesterday Bobby and Allain did a service on the 2001 BR180 doing general maintenance and fixing a few nagging problems. These cold temperatures should help keep the trails in good shape for the long weekend. Don’t forget about the Fundraiser tickets we mailed out in December, they are due back in tomorrow February 15th, please make every effort to sell these tickets and drop them off to one of Kingston’s PetroCan locations, Carroll’s Bakery or Ed’s Subs. Get Out and Enjoy Your Trails.